Combine Fire causes Wheat Field to Burn on Foothill Road

Moscow, Idaho–a combine caught fire shortly after noon on Saturday on Foothill Road a couple of miles north of Moscow. The farmers attempted to put the fire out and almost had it under control when the wind picked up causing the fire to spread.

Taken from Foothill Road.

Winds at Foothill Road were gusting up to 38 mph during the blaze according to a weather station at Foucachon Farmhouse, located a half-mile from the fire.

Video of the fire by Daniel Foucachon.
The 22 year-old combine that caught fire, taken at 12:55 before the fire had spread very far.

Fire departments from Moscow, Potlatch, Whitman County, Troy, and Genesee all responded and had the fire contained by 3:30. Most of the wheat had already been harvested, resulting in little or no loss of grain.

An estimated 40-50 acres burned. No one was hurt.

Aerial view of the burned wheat fields.

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