The mission of Moscow Report is to offer accurate, balanced news and reporting in Moscow, particularly those stories often ignored or underreported by other local news; to build the culture of Moscow by highlighting local businesses and the beauty of the region; and to keep the citizens of Moscow informed on important civic issues.

Correction Policy

If any new information comes to light after we publish a story that materially changes that story, we will clarify, correct or update our story and provide a note to readers that explains the change, why it was made and the date it was made.

Questions or Concerns?

Readers can reach us at info@moscowidaho.news with any questions.


Moscow Report is a privately held, independent local news source.

Moscow Report was founded by Daniel Foucachon in March 2017 as a local news source and place for community members to share on-the-ground photos and videos during news events. A secondary but important goal was to promote the beauty and history of Moscow, and highlight local businesses. Daniel Foucachon is a local business owner and entrepreneur, and runs many local community pages and websites, but his favorite is Beautiful Idaho.