Four ‘Soviet Moscow’ Chalk Demonstrations Drawn on Sidewalks in Moscow Idaho

Moscow, Idaho–Thursday evening four chalk demonstrations were drawn on Moscow city sidewalks. The murals are red and yellow, with a sickle and the words: “Soviet Moscow: Enforced Because We Care.”

The chalk demonstrations were drawn on main street near Friendship Square and also in front of City Hall.

Kip Mock explained in an interview video with Moscow Report: “Instead of backing off, [the city] has doubled down on their frankly idiotic and tyrannical laws that they have put in place.”

Mock compared the Soviet Moscow sign to the Face Mask mandate signs on the edge of town that say “Enforced Because We Care.” 

Soviet Moscow Idaho
One of the Chalk Art Demonstrations

Mock added that the Black Lives Matter movement in the summer of 2020 had drawn in chalk on the same spot “Black Lives Matter.”

Mock said, “Now the city left it there until the elements washed it away. And we are curious to see how the city will respond to this.”

The drawings were reported to the police at 9:42pm on Thursday evening according to the MPD Press Log.

The city came out and washed off the murals Friday morning around 8 am.

In the Moscow Report video, a city official can be seen washing off the chalk at Friendship Square. 

One Moscow local on Facebook dubbed it “Comradeship Square.” 

In another Facebook post, one person said: “Well the hammer and sickle have been scrubbed off but now it kind of looks like a blood bath on Main Street, so I’m not sure they helped…”

Red chalk run-off in Friendship Square.

These chalk images are based on protest stickers that have been posted in places around Moscow.

Those stickers were made by ND Wilson and his sons. They posted some of them on city poles where many other stickers and papers are often posted. 

The city has charged Wilson and his Sons with 13 misdemeanors for posting these stickers on city poles.  

The city has never before charged anyone with a crime for posting stickers on poles. 

Note: A Soviet Moscow Sticker Defense Fund is now in place for those wishing to help the Wilson’s in their legal battle. Soviet Moscow stickers may be purchased from Canon Press – 100% of proceeds go towards the Wilson Legal Defense Fund.


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