Latah County has Zero Covid-19 Deaths, according to Idaho Health Department

Moscow, Idaho—Idaho Health Department District 2 lists Latah County as having zero deaths from Covid-19. 

Latah has not had any deaths since the first case was confirmed over six months ago.

Health District 2 includes five counties: Latah, Lewis, Clearwater, Idaho, and Nez Perce.

Latah County has had 764 cases, the most cases in District 2 to date. But Latah has no deaths.

The Health Department lists all five counties as minimal risk of Covid-19. Even Nez Perce is listed this way, which has had 24 deaths.

The Health Department reports that District 2 has had about 1,758 cases over the last six months. 44% of those were in the 18-29 year old age range. According to the CDC, that age range has a negligible risk of dying from the disease.  

According to the Idaho Health Department, there have been 26 deaths related to Covid-19 in Health District 2. None of those have come from Latah County.

North Idaho Public Health, District Two

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