Increasing Number of Citizens Calling about People not wearing Masks

Moscow, Idaho—Over the last three weeks, the number of citizens calling Moscow Police to report on people who are not wearing masks has risen to 32 incidents.

The Moscow Police Daily Activity Log shows an average of more than one citizen report per day. 

In the last seven days, there have been 11 reported incidents.

On Monday, someone called to complain about a mother and daughter in Winco not wearing a mask. 

On Sunday, someone called about a situation at The Crossing Church. The report says “Caller saw 20-25 people here without masks and not social distancing.” It is not clear from the report if this was an issue inside the church or outside. 

Last week, the City of Moscow issued an ad in the Moscow Pullman Daily Newspaper encouraging citizens to call Moscow Police to report people who are not wearing masks. 

The ad says, “We see this topic is creating disagreement and division in our community. We hope fellow Muscovites will treat each other with respect and kindness as we all learn to navigate these unprecedented times together.”

Moscow resident Hannah Grieser adapted this photo after seeing the Daily News ad from the Moscow City Council encouraging citizens to call the police when they spot fellow citizens not wearing a mask or social distancing.

The ad encourages citizens to call (208) 882-COPS in situations where physical distancing is not maintained and masks are not worn.

One Moscow resident, Joffre Swait, was walking downtown on Wednesday when he was approached by a Moscow police officer. Swait and a friend were talking together on the sidewalk on Main street. 

Swait, in a youtube video, described it as being “accosted.”

Moscow resident, known as Joffre the Giant on YouTube,
describes his encounter with Moscow PD.

“He pointed at us to remind us that we had wandered too close together,” Swait says in the video. 

In the video, the Moscow officer appears to be walking up and down Main street confronting people who are not wearing masks. 

At one point in the video, the officer can be seen telling a family to put their masks on and they comply. 

“Oh man, that makes me sad,” Swait says on the video.

“I want to be nice to the cops,” Swait says. “I have friends who are cops. Police officers are an important part of our society.” 

Later in the video, Swait talked with some other men who were approached by the same officer. 

One of them responded, “I guess they have gotten rid of all crime in Moscow so that they have to bother us with this.”

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