Black Lives Matter Rally Supports Doxxing Local Church and College

Moscow, Idaho–“It was a list of businesses that are affiliated with the church,” Sierra Hoffman explained. “There is a list of businesses that’s going around on facebook that somebody posted.”

The facebook page is called “Christ Church business affiliation in Moscow.” The page banner is a picture of a woman with a magnifying glass looking at the logo of New Saint Andrews, a local Christian college in downtown Moscow.   

Screenshot of the Facebook page doxxing Christ Church affiliated businesses

Hoffman spoke at a recent Black Lives Matter rally on July 4. The rally was attended by about 75 people. 

The rally was held at East City Park. The participants marched downtown and returned to the park stage where a number of people spoke to the group. 

One man stood up and spoke about Doug Wilson, pastor of Christ Church. The man said “Having read a bunch of Doug Wilson’s writings, he still says slavery is not a sin.” He was holding a sign that said, “Racism is Alive in Moscow: ‘slavery is not a sin.’ -DW” 

Sierra Hoffman, who lives in Pullman, also stood up and read out a list of businesses at the rally including Story Real Estate, Tapped, Thresh Catering, Thrivent Financial, Wireworks Electric.

She told the people gathered, “Do not go to these places.” Those gathered cheered and clapped.

After the rally, Hoffman spoke about these businesses, saying, “It is bad to support things even if you might not think it makes much of a difference, going to those businesses, giving those people money and power.”

She added, “It is a very racist church.” 

The facebook page titled “Christ Church business affiliation in Moscow” is an anonymous page which was created July 1. There have been three posts on it. The pinned post from July 1 is a series of pictures with names of people and services and businesses.

The post says, “Although we will not be posting unverified information, a business not answering us is not grounds for dismissal and we take the stance of guilty until proven innocent.”

It also said, “We will be releasing new versions of our list as we gain more clarified information.”

Cathy Pemberton commented on the post saying, “Gee….and here I thought that McCarthyism was frowned upon by the left! But instead it is alive and well in Moscow, Idaho. Your own blacklist and everything!”

Aletha Lynn also commented on the post saying, “The two that popped out to me was the Alpaca and piano restoration businesses. I don’t know of alternatives to these on the Palouse. I have done business with both of these and they are professionals that offer high quality services and products (I will do business with them again based on how I was treated).”

A spurious flyer with a New Saint Andrews college logo appeared in downtown Moscow in July. 

Ben Merkle, the president of NSA, condemned the flyer saying that it was not produced by the college. 

Merkle said in an email, “That is the kind of thing that is very typical of the local liberals – a dishonest smear.”

“It is really interesting to watch the way that the left tries to move an issue forward,” Merkle added. “They will attempt to manipulate the legal apparatus against you. When that doesn’t work they will lie, slander, vandalize your property and boycott your business. What they won’t do is interact with an argument.”

The flyer attempted to quote this article that Doug Wilson wrote in 2015 but the flyer did not cite the article or give the context of the quote. 

In that article, Wilson writes, “I am not saying that the institution of slavery is a good or nice thing.” He later added that it was a good thing that slavery was done away with: “It delights me to say good riddance.”

Merkle commented on the local issues, saying, “It is interesting because we have been saying for some time that the cries for “tolerance” and “diversity” are disingenuous. And now you are seeing the intolerista agenda come to fruition. The more power that they get the less diversity and tolerance there is.”

When Merkle was asked about student shopping habits, he answered, “We absolutely encourage our students to shop downtown. And I don’t discriminate against a business because I disagree with the politics of the owner. I have no problem shopping in a liberal business because as a Christian I believe the earth is the Lord’s. My hamburger isn’t tainted because the cook doesn’t go to Christ Church.”

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