Will the Mayor’s Facemask Order Hamper the 4th of July?

Moscow, Idaho– “I anticipate that our community and our citizens will do the right thing,” Gary Riedner, Moscow City Supervisor, said in an email when asked about the Mayor’s recent facemask order and the 4th of July weekend.  

Mayor Lambert issued an Emergency Order that took effect Thursday, July 2 requiring those in Moscow to wear face masks when out in public, if they cannot maintain social distancing of 6 feet.

Riedner added that he thinks citizens will “protect their fellow community members from infection by wearing masks and practicing social distancing.”

The Mayor’s order is in effect for seven days which takes place over the 4th of July weekend. 

Riedner also said, “There is no doubt that the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 infections in Latah County will result in some people electing to stay at home and reduce or eliminate their chance of infection.” 

According to Public Health Idaho North Central District, Latah County has had 21 confirmed cases over the last three months. Four cases were confirmed on Thursday. Total active cases are about 10 with some additional probable ones. There have been zero deaths in Latah County.     

Mark Rauch who helps run the fireworks stand by Rosauers said he was fearful about sales slowing down. Rauch was wearing a facemask while working at the stand on Thursday evening. 

Mark Rauch runs the fireworks stand by Rosauers.

He said, “some people [were] saying ‘well, we are going to shop in Lewiston then. So we don’t have to be in Moscow in public.”

Several people stopped by the stand to buy fireworks Thursday evening. Almost all of them had masks on. One man stopped by driving a car with Oregon license plates. He was not wearing a mask. 

Rauch also added that this year has been a really good year: “Each day was better than last year on that day.”

Rauch said, “The 3rd and the 4th every year are always our busiest days…so I am curious to see what happens.” He did say that business had been steady on Thursday.

Crosswalk across from the fireworks stand.

At the intersection of Main st and D st, there were other people walking on the sidewalks. Some wore masks and some did not. A couple of police cars drove through the intersection at different points. They did not stop to talk to anyone at that intersection. 

Later, by email, Rauch reported, “We had considerably higher sales (of fireworks) than we did last year on July 2nd.”

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