Statement from City of Moscow on Vandalism of Political Signs

“These blatant acts of vandalism are disrespectful of our community. The destruction of others’ property, especially in the democratic process of an election, is absolutely unacceptable. This goes against everything our community holds dear,” said Mayor Bill Lambert.

Idaho State Statute outlines the penalty for these acts in Title 18 Crimes and Punishments, Chapter 70 section 18-7008, Trespass; 18-7001, Malicious Injury to Property; and 18-7036 Injury by Graffiti. All three crimes are misdemeanors until costs of damage to property exceeds $1,000, making it a felony offense. Convictions for committing these crimes could result in incarceration and fines.

The City is requesting assistance from the community in identifying the individual or individuals responsible for these actions. If anyone has information that may be helpful, they are asked to call 208-882-COPS. Specifically, property owners with security systems, including video, are requested to review footage from the last several nights in the area the vandalism took place.

Read the full Statement from the City of Moscow.

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